Having a Healthy Home

After a long day at work, coming home is a breath of fresh air, the place to sit back and relax. However, is it as healthy and wholesome as it can be? Below are a number of things you can do to create a healthy home environment that will help to ease the workday stress and promote you physical and mental health.

Improving the Environment

It may seem like a chore to clean but there is a reason it is done. Removing dust from the home is very important. Leaving layers of dust everywhere means that there is a build-up of particles and where does this go? Into our lungs. Using a wet mop will get rid of dust rather than fling it into the air and vacuuming furniture will remove it from the environment entirely.

Making sure the rooms are full of sunlight is also important. You may not realize it but sunlight is an important part of our growth and promotes better working conditions and can reduce both stress and high blood pressure. If there are dark corners in the house or areas where the sunlight does not reach, think about getting a Parans system installed. This technology captures the sunlight using solar panels, and filters it through the house emitting internal sunlight wherever you are.

What You Put In the House

Thinking along the lines of sunlight, it is also a good idea to add more plants. They will help to remove toxins in the air. They also release oxygen, which can lower stress and by default improve our moods. Along the lines of being green, it can also be prudent to think about what items you are bringing into the house. Try and avoid specific plastics that are linked to detrimental health issues. The same thing goes for certain carpets and paints which may hold toxic chemicals that can be rubbed off and breathed in, or simply absorbed through the skin.