Why Is Quitting Smoking So Hard?

Cigarette addicts find cravings for nicotine hard to resist because this chemical compound, present in tobacco, leads to certain changes in the nervous system. It is precisely this ‘feel good and relaxed’ effect that causes the compulsive need to smoke. Furthermore, addiction to cigarettes is difficult to overcome because smoking is not only a physical addiction but also a psychological habit, and habits, as we all know, are hard to break.

Ways To Quit

It is equally important to address both the addiction and habits related to it in order to quit smoking. There is no one universal method to overcome addiction. Instead, there are many different methods to quit smoking that help to cope with withdrawal symptoms and reduce bad habits. Some of the best known are electronic cigarettes, Nicotine patches, gums, inhalers and nasal sprays, telephone, in person and online counselling, self-help guides, laser therapy, hypnosis, acupuncture and combined medications. However, there are also some less familiar methods that have yielded excellent results in the fight with tobacco addiction. One of these is the usage of snus.

What Is Snus And How Does It Work?

Snus is a blend of water, salt and ground tobacco packed into pouches of various sizes. This Swedish product, similar to a tea bag, is used as an alternative to smoking, chewing tobacco and dip tobacco, and as such it is intended for all who would like to quit or reduce tobacco consumption.

The use of snus resembles that of American dip tobacco. The product is placed under the top lip but, unlike dip tobacco, the by-product doesn’t require spitting out after consumption. This tobacco alternative is not fermented and it does not contain added sugar, although it can be mildly flavoured. The common aromas are those of bergamot, citrus, juniper berry, herbs and/or floral flavours.